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Firearms and Tactical Equipment Components

Firearms and Tactical Equipment Components

KJ Machining Systems, Inc. is an 07 FFL/SOT federally licensed firearms manufacturer.

  • We manufacture parts for industry leading companies in firearms, night vision, and aftermarket firearm components.
  • Our multi-axis capability allows us to produce complex parts with detailed features in a single operation improving quality and delivery times..
  • Our wide variety of parts include muzzle devices, suppressors and components, handrails, various picatinny rails, firearm slides, strikers, firing pins, adapters, bolts and bolt carriers, guide rods, barrels and much more
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Aerospace & Military

Aerospace & Military

Our capabilities enable us to work with the kinds of materials essential to meeting Aerospace & Military applications.

  • ISO 9001:2008 certified.
  • Stringent documentation and recordkeeping.
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Hydraulic Industries |  Industrial Motion Control

Hydraulic Industries | Industrial Motion Control

Hydraulic parts and assemblies, bearing housing, ball screw parts, bearing blocks, valvles.

  • Bearing Housings & Bearing Blocks
  • Ball Screw Parts
  • Valves
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  • CNC Machining for Industry
  • CNC Machining for Components

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